Economic empowerment

We create pathways for women and girls to achieve economic empowerment. We seek to increase women’s access to economic resources and opportunities including jobs, financial services, assets, and skills development.


Create greater access to higher education for future of work skills.

Support initiatives that diversify access of opportunities available to girls and women.

Opportunity and

Invest in work opportunities that improve financial wellbeing and provide more independence, influence, and equity.

Support career growth for women to enable greater upward mobility.

Fund vocational and skills training that enable economic integration.

Women’s labour force participation rate is




women are employed in MENA

It will take


years to close the gender gap in MENA

Access to income and

Invest in financial and digital inclusion of women to improve their literacy and control of financial assets.

Public – private partnerships to create role model/mentoring networks. Advocate, research, promote ways for women and girls to travel independently and safely.

Challenging the
gender gap

The 2030 Agenda makes it clear that gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls is both a goal in itself (Sustainable Development Goal 5) and a catalyst for achieving all other goals. Ultimately, sustainable development can only be achieved if its benefits are equitably distributed between women and men.

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