At Meem Foundation, we believe in creating sustainable social change in the lives of women and girls in the MENA region.

With a focus on strategic philanthropy, our approach is evidence-based, leading us to work with organizations to address the root cause of the issues we support. Our solutions can be short or long term in nature.

Grant Making

We offer grants to social enterprises, nonprofits, research organisations and educational institutions working to empower women and girls in the MENA region. It is important that we can measure both the impact and outcomes, to ensure the initiatives we invest in drive effective change.

Additionally, we believe in building the capacity of the communities we serve by designing solutions that are sustainable and go beyond dependency on private capital.

impact investing

We believe that impact investing is an opportunity to provide capital to address some of the region’s most pressing challenges.

We are interested in making these investments in keeping with our vision and focus. Our intention is to generate positive, measurable social impact alongside financial returns.

Our process assesses several parameters including the impact potential, viability of the business model, understanding of the customer or beneficiary, and the integrity of the leadership within the organization.

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Evaluation Criteria

Potential for significant, measurable impact.

Understanding the needs of the customer and/or beneficiary.

Financial viability of the business model.


Impact driven giving is evidence based, uses creative planning, agile execution and diligent follow through in order to achieve intended results. Our outreach encompasses a wide scope of practices from traditional grants through to newer models for generating impact. Our focus is evidence based. We work with organizations addressing the root cause of the issue we are supporting, while offering both short term and long term solutions.

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